Borderlands-esque Nerf Firefly!

I actually really like the Firefly. It’s got a great unconventional shape, holds more darts than a Maverick, and works great with Elite darts. I just finished up another Mad Moxxi style Firefly. Check this out!

I love the shape of this gun. Recently, I’ve been fortunate to find a bunch of them, and turn them into Borderlands 2 style SMGs.


Another one I did was this sweet Borderlands 2 MALIWAN style SMG:

I didn’t do any weathering on the MALIWAN SMG, because the client wanted it to look as clean and new as possible. I drew up the graphics for both Fireflys. I was fortunate to find someone on DeviantArt who had a 3D model of Moxxi and she was able to give me a rendering in the pose I needed for the decal. A lot of research and pouring over Google Image Search results goes into creating graphics, but I suppose I can save that for its own article!

I’ve still got a few more Fireflys and plenty of tricks I want to try out, so keep an eye out for them!

Author: Hypercats

We are a two person team located in the Midwest, specializing in unique Nerf gun customizations, cosplay props, and general video game geekery. Lights, sound fx, extra graphics, woodgrain, vinyl wraps, if you can afford it, we can probably build it. Chris is a huge Devil May Cry and Borderlands fan, and Jen loves Assassins Creed, Portal, and Fallout.

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  1. Everyone seems to be making Borderlands weaponry, we forget about the other great games available with even better weapon design for props and porp making. This is a great job though.

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  2. Do you have items readily available and for sale? I am putting together my Halloween costume for this year and I want to get a feel for prices…

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